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Marina di Capitana, Marina Piccola

Marina di Capitana, Marina Piccola, Marina di Perd'e Sali, Marina di Villasimius

Marina di Capitana, Marina Piccola


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Do you want to board in one of our "Tender to" point?
SAILOVER has a network of docks found along Southern Sardinia's coasts. You may choose to board directly at our resident port Marina, Marina di Capitana without extra charge or choose a “TenderTo” point nearest to you. Please note: 48H notification must be allowed in order to select this service. It must be evaluated and quoted separately by our staff. By selecting “TenderTo” service, your booking will be temporarily put on hold and you will be contacted directly by our customer care to confirm the details personally.
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SAILOVER provides on all of its boats sparkling and mineral water for guests. On board you will find a small selection of drinks (bottled wine, beer and soft drinks). If you wish to include beverage service with your booking, please choose from the following list.

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